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Een visueel memoir: opgedragen aan de vrouwen voor mij en met mij. A memoir in works of art, dedicated to her: it’s her / in little brown and jade green / in wintertime / waiting for the things to come. I love her so much /


Posted on:05-10-2021
Werk van Marijke Pielage
oil and pigments on linencanvas, 100x120cm, September 2021

'Train station' is about a memory of a time, a place, a person. It can be about me and also about you. The foreground is equivalent to the background. The environment matters just as much as the person in the picture.

As a child I lived behind the train station. From a very young age I traveled alone by train to visit my grandmother. The excitement of travel. Getting in and out the train. Arriving at strange places. The sadness of saying goodbye. The waiting, the longing. Traveling while time passes by. Station by station...

September 2021


Posted on:22-05-2021
Werk van Marijke Pielage
oil, charcoal, gesso, pigment on linen canvas, 92x105cm
A first worked-out painting of a serie of drawings I made in 2000, more than 20 years ago. It was at the Dance Academy in Arnhem, where I could join the modern and contemporary dance class Eszter gave. I sat on the dancefloor with my drawing stuff and all the dancers around me doing their exercizes.
I remember the wonderful music of Mari Boine and the inspiring words Eszter called out during the workout, like: YOUR CENTER IS YOUR ENERGY / YOUR PARTNER IS YOUR ENERGY / TAKE YOURSELF WITH YOU / REALLY NICE AND JUMPY and so on....

Arnhem, May 2021

Sisters - a Conversation

Posted on:02-05-2021
Werk van Marijke Pielage
oil and charcoal on paper, 70x100cm, May 2021

This work is a study on paper with charcoal and oilpaint. The two women sitting at a small table in a bar, remember me of my two sisters when they were young.
For this work I felt inspired by the painting 'Conversation' from Dora Maar(1937)

May 2021

Myra - for the unknown -II

Posted on:18-11-2020
Werk van Marijke Pielage
oil + pigments on paper, 70x120cm, November 2020

The unknown story of a college girl, back home in London, (probably) in the '50s

Myra - for the unknown -II
oil + pigments on paper, 70x120cm
November 2020

Jade Girls

Posted on:26-02-2020
Werk van Marijke Pielage
oilpaint on linen-70x70cm, 2018

Here we are: three precious girls made of jade. A selfportrait with my two sisters, together in a reddish room with touches of pink and green. The ultramarine frame makes us frozen in time.

Myra - for the unknown

Posted on:20-05-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
oil on paper, 70x120cm, 2019

The unknown story of a college girl, a picture taken at Kensington Gardens, London, back in the '50s

Myra - for the unknown
oil on paper, 70x120cm
May 2019

The Great Recovery of a Young Girl

Posted on:17-04-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
oil on paper, 70x120cm

- and here she is: isabella pen -

just sitting there / with her cat on her lap/ she comes in incense and patchouly / on a sunny afternoon / in the garden back home / in the faded colors of yesterday -

The Great Recovery of a Young Girl
oil on paper, 70x120cm
April 2019

the place

Posted on:19-02-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
pen and ink on paper

isabella pen looks at what's hers to be

the beginning

Posted on:13-01-2019
Werk van Marijke Pielage
isabella pen

- i did not know you before but there you where/
suddenly in front of my camera/
so close and so far away/

please to meet you:
isabella pen -

Marijke: My work is about personal encounters that I translate into images and stories: daily discoveries that settle in my memory. I always make notes in words and images so that I can keep all this close to myself.
In my studio I translate these notes into works of art, large and small: drawings, paintings, graphics, poetic texts. In this I combine text and image with the meaning of my story.
For me art is a medium to interact with the outside world: like pockets of silence, where we can root and grow.

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